MLB Betting – How To Sniff Out A Good Promo

Florida-MarlinsYou should be looking for a good sportsbook promo as it’s almost time for MLB betting season, with the regular season just over a week away. Here are a couple of Northbet tips to use in order for you to get the most bang for your MLB betting buck.

Finding a book with reduced juice is the best way to score on MLB betting, as many sportsbooks make their profit off of the juice, which is the amount of money that sportsbooks charge to make a bet. For example, most of the time the juice on any given wager is 10%, which will mean that it costs you $110 to win $100. But some sportsbooks will offer one day a week where the juice is reduced, which would mean it would cost you $105 to win $100 on that particular day. Any time you can get a little bit off your wager, you should take advantage of it.

Another good way to find a good sportsbook for baseball betting is one that offers dime lines, which are when the difference in odds between the favorite and the underdog is ten cents (For example, the Chicago Cubs are listed at -140 as the favorite, while the Cincinnati Reds are rated at +130 as the underdog). This type of betting will serve you well throughout a long Major League Baseball season as the savings eventually add up, and the premise is simple: you increase your profit when you win, and your losses decrease when you lose. Doesn’t that sound like a great sports betting formula?

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